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Three Ways To Help You Become More Productive In Your Home Office

Currently, many of us have shortened our commute to work by walking down a hallway in our home to a new workspace. This space could be a spare bedroom, the kitchen table, a corner in the basement, the attic, etc. Again, many of us did not plan on using this “new” space for an office. It was carved out of our home’s living space as a necessity. At its core, there are three ways to help you become more productive in your home office:

  1. Do you have enough lighting? You need to be able to see what you are doing.
  2. Do you have enough space? After making room for your computer and printer, do you have enough room to respond to your mail, examine documents, or just simply handle whatever you need to handle to successfully perform your job, and store whatever you need to store? Can you organize the materials for your work in your current space?
  3. Is the space comfortable? Sitting for 8 hours on a wooden dining room chair would not be my idea of comfort. Neither would be having the space cluttered by papers and folders.

The combination of light, furniture, and the amount of space should not interfere with your projects. The “things” around you, office equipment, furniture, accessories, etc. should be nearly transparent, and not compete your attention. The more you can focus, the more you can be productive.

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